February Favorites Products

Hello YOU! Welcome back today I will be sharing with you my February favorites products I’ve been using in the month of February and loving,they are all one of a kind and so good that why I have decided even if these products that I’m still currently using finish I will definitely rebuy it again/2020 […]

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March Madness Product Junkies

Hello March,today is going to be about my favorite products of this month and last month so in 2018 I didn’t do a whole lot of products reviews on this blog but anyway I will be sharing with you a lots of products in 2019 Okay right let’s start the march madness products Junkies/Essentials 1. […]

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Cosmopolitan Icons Nails Polishesh

In today post I will be taking about this nails polish I got from T.J.MAXX,the colors are gorgeous and bright,when I say bright it is just normal colors not like neon bright’ What is the name? Basically- it’s a Nail Polish Call BEAUTY EVOLVED Cosmopolitan Icons,pink nude Nail Lacquer Collection “However these are my current […]

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Golden Globe Award Highlights For 2019

Hello beautiful peoples welcome back again to another lifestyle blogging,before we dig into this’ I just want to say all of these Celebrities are absolutely amazing,actually I know I’m little late but I wasn’t going to let this moment pass by without blogging about it. Anyway if you’re wondering where are the Photography’s perhaps is […]

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2019 Goals(soniachic95)

So since 2018 is almost over,I have decided to make a wish list for 2019 I wish it come true because it is very important to me,this 2019 goals I just set I hope it come true pretty soon because sometimes New Years resolutions can be intimidating especially if we set those goals and then […]

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Ideas Christmas Gift

So choosing the perfect gift for those special people in our life can be difficult sometimes during holidays season things can get so expensive especially when you are buying for a whole lot of friends and family that is why I’m here to give you affordable Budget friendly gift ideas Let’s get started Book-Books $10.00Scrunchies […]

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It’s almost empty

Hey guys,l’m so sad to see one of my favorite beauty products come to an end,today I thought back to when I first laid my eyes on this product” I approached a little hesitantly,opened the lid and with a little inhale of tropical fragrance mango and Shea butter island, dry hair problem stop- dry skin […]

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10 Things Must-Have In Fall

I just can’t believe it”fall is already here again ooh well let me list these 10 things,I must-have in the month of fall before it is too late for sharing this fall-ish goodies for you guys. 1 :body cream 2 : body scrub 3 : fall sweaters 4 : lip balm 5 : lip scrub […]

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Helloween face Mask 2020

Helloween Face Mask 2020,after next week we are going to be in spooktober-ish I just can’t wait to put on this goodies in October,me sawing face mask at home,This face mask is so easy to sew and I also included videos into this blog post Helloween Face Mask 2020 Tips Safe ways to wear your […]

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DIY Hand Sanitizer

Don’t Panic because you can’t find hand sanitizer well I got you covered Darling,with this diy hand sanitizer,I know Guys because myself going through the same thing,yes of course corona Virus that’s is what going on all over the globe as the outbreak continues to spread from country to country we all need to stay […]

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Hello February

Oh well we survived the first month of 2020 which is January and it finally over,every day every month there are always something beautiful inside’ even if it is small we just have to be thankful that we are able to see an other day because some people wasn’t able to make it through that […]

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It’s time to bring in the new year and I have to admit,I’m not sad about saying goodbye to the year of 2019.I’ve few ups and downs in this year,including my second Big Chop problems yes I chopped off my hair again,actually there are more to the story then just second big chop anyway I […]

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And other awesome review again,so I decided to play with these color club matte nail polish and I really like it,they are so beautiful on my skin tone,with this fall weather and some of the color looking so Fall-ish what’s better way to go color club,Hello Cute October .Tips of the day –Color Club Nail […]


Halloween Gif

It’s finally here today yay,HALLOWEEN-so okay I decided to put together these Halloween gif video for my big and little characters of hell-ween yes yes you are,anyway before I share with you this Halloween gif ,let me give you a glance of what Halloween should be like in my eyes,what’s your point of view?boo hoo […]

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