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How To Refresh Afro Natural Hair

Hello Natural tribe,I guess you would like to know how I refresh my natural hair.well [ Now Let’s Refreshing]

I really like to refresh my hair over night because that is what works for me,my hair is super thick and if l’m refreshing it with water and gel/ butter.and when I’m also box braiding that will takes a day or night dry,especially the way I love to air dry my hair

Step 1: start by sectioning your hair into two big sections if you have uncut hair great which means refreshing your hair is going to be easy and quick and if you don’t have uncut hair it just going to take a long time to finish refreshing hair Afro HairStep 2: grab a medium section from one of the two big buns then spray little bit of water to get your hair damp

Step 3: apply your hair gel and spreading it evenly through your hair then go in with your Shea butter and do the same with the other hair products,there is a diy Shea butter blog post coming up next week,try not to comb hair.just use your fingers because we are only referencing our hair

step 4: repeat the process until you are finished.and guys one things I forget to mention in this video or blog post,is that you can either use water or the diy rose water or maybe the Arganatural leave-in conditioner,make sure to use it different times not the same day when you are referring your hairstyle!

step 5: when you have finishes doing your hair try putting into a bun or an updo Braid,-make sure before you sleep cover your hair with satin bonnet or satin pillow case

[Tips of the day]

Whenever you are refreshing your hair or if you’re going to apply a product on your hair make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction that will really help your hair routine,if you add too much hair products use a paper towel to remove extra product or rinse it out and start over again

Thank for reading this article and continue on watching this video to see full tutorialRefreshing Natural Hair

Bye for now soniachic95 ヽ(•‿•)ノ


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